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Women Empowerment
WHO WE ARE - Women Empowerment
Women are at the centre of the family, society and human relationships. Women have the power to

     - nurture, sustain and energize the essence of life.

We help women realise their full potential...


The Self Help Group (SHG) model was successfully introduced by the Chakshu Foundation in Nere Village, near Panvel, in 2005. Since then we have helped form 250 Women’s SHGs, reaching out to over 2,500 women. The primary purpose of these voluntary groups is to expand access to financial services by pooling resources together. Each group, made up of about 10 women, meets regularly to execute plans for income generating activities. These meetings also create a forum for discussing and addressing issues related to family, pregnancy, health, education, and nutrition.

Our objective is to further empower these women, by motivating each SHG to become members of the Federation, recently formed as an umbrella organisation for managing the activities of the SHGs as a co-operative.

Income and savings
Each SHG can generate earnings of up to Rs 6,000/month. This is in stark contrast to the fact that till the formation of the SHG groups these women had no income of their own. 
Vocational Training
We empower women by training them to become economically independent.
Our Foundation provides training for the SHGs in tailoring, making preservatives (like pickle, papad, jams and jellies), knitting, computer education, beauty care and jewellery making.

We also train the women to become competent entrepreneurs and managers.
Self Reliance
Being a part of a SHG has taught the women in the villages to become self-reliant. They have enthusiastically embraced the opportunities to generate income and set up small enterprises. Together, they have created a support network, helping each other make larger community decisions.

The groups make papads (rice preserves that are fried), chilli powder, candles and bhakris (flat rice bread); pack spices and pickles in plastic bags; rent large utensils for big functions; and run beauty parlours.
Legal Jaankar Training
Our Foundation organises training for Legal ‘Jaankars’ (information providers), conducted by the Chaitanya organisation. The women are educated in the legal aspects of procedures like issuing a ration card, land disputes paperwork, filing applications, etc. After training, the women are employed by us to ensure proper implementation of the SHG programmes.
Health and Nutrition
We regularly conduct awareness programmes on nutrition and health issues, to keep the women informed about the importance of maintaining a clean and disease free environment. Some of the initiatives include:
creating Soak Pits to prevent mosquito breeding in stagnant water, and
setting up Kitchen Gardens to ensure availability of affordable fresh vegetables
building toilets for individual use to eradicate open defecation in rural areas
Our Foundation’s training programmes have enabled women to not only save money, but also to supplement their household income. This has given them a sense of pride, dignity and self esteem. The new-found confidence has earned them much respect and admiration in their villages.
Mahila Melava (Women’s Fete)
The melava is a yearly gathering organised by all the SHGs of a particular village. We help the women to plan, co-ordinate and organise all the activities of the programme. All the women from other SHG clusters and the federation are also invited.

The women sing, perform plays and address social issues like HIV, health, dowry and nutrition. Speakers are invited to discuss issues like banking, organic farming, etc.

The purpose of the melavas is to bring all the women together, to create a feeling of unity among them, to develop their communication and management skills, and to boost their confidence.
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Success Stories
Asha Madhavi, General store owner, Umroli

“We are farmers by profession but we couldn’t support ourselves by farming alone. We needed another source of income and I decided to take on the responsibility. I took a loan from a Self Help Group of which I am a member and started a General Store.

“At first I kept only a handful of items but over time I have started stocking a variety of daily-need products. I now earn enough money to support my family and want to further expand my shop. Thanks to the guidance of SKS Chakshu Foundation I am financially stable and independent.”
Seeta Mali, Started kitchen garden, Umroli

“Our main source of income is farming from June to November. During the rest of the year our field remains unused. An SKS Chakshu Foundation worker suggested setting up a kitchen garden where we could grow vegetables. Because we have our own bore-well, we face no water problems and therefore decided to implement the idea.

“Now we have a steady source of income from selling vegetables throughout the year and we also have cut down on our expenses by growing our own vegetables. Thanks to the Foundation we are able to get the most use of our land.”