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Rural Health & Infrastructure
WHO WE ARE - Rural Health & Infrastructure
Villages and rural areas are the heart of India.
Empowering villages is empowering the nation.

We reach out to transform lives...


We have initiated the ‘Let’s Build Toilets’ project in the villages around Panvel to address the problem of open-defecation. Our plan is to build individual toilets for 2000 rural homes and spread awareness on theimportance of hygiene and toilet maintenance.

Cost of constructing one good quality individual toilet is Rs 25,000; of which Rs 20,000 comes from donations and Rs 5,000 is paid by the owner of the house. Involving the residents in this process through cost-sharing, instils a sense of ownership in them and makes them responsible towards the upkeep of the toilet.

The start has been encouraging, with the pilot project of 6 toilet blocks already installed for personal use in Umroli village. Your contribution could help us build toilets for many more homes. Let us together ensure a clean and safe rural environment.

Completed toilet construction of 106 units in the first phase and the ongoing second phase construction of 100 toilets

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The problem of eye disease and vision loss in the villages was a neglected issue, due to lack of awareness and medical facilities. In 1993, our Foundation set up a 30-bed Ophthalmic Centre with an operating theatre in Harigram village. The Centre provides free cataract operations and eye care services to the villages around Panvel in Navi Mumbai.

We have, with the support of various philanthropic associations, also set up a modern ophthalmic centre at the Laxmi Eye Hospital, in old Panvel. The centre is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and conducts plain cataract operation and lens implantation free of cost for the backward rural population.

The hospital also runs a 3-year full-time optometry course, in affiliation with the Yeshwantrao Chavan Open University, Nashik. A course for ophthalmic assistance, certified by the Govt of Maharashtra Vocational Board, is also conducted for students who have passed their 10th standard.
Over 2,500 free cataract operations performed in the first 15 years.
Diagnostic eye camps conducted in almost 150 villages every month, in association with the Laxmi Charitable Trust as part of the ‘Cataract-Free Panvel Project’.
Early eye and ear defect detection programmes for high schools.

We have set up one medical centres to deliver primary healthcare to villagers to treat common ailments and diseases, and also provide emergency medical assistance.

Provision of free food and clothing to malnourished families in over 45 tribal villages.
Distribution of food grains every month to the old and economically poor tribal people.

Around 48 villages that had no clean water, and showed high incidence of water-borne illnesses, now have access to clean potable water due to bore wells dug in each village with the support of our Foundation.

More bore wells need to be constructed, as the need for high quality drinking water in the rural areas is an on-going challenge for villagers.

When we started our social activities in rural areas around Panvel in Navi Mumbai, our priority was to ensure that the villages had basic infrastructure that would make them more accessible. Our initial efforts included:
Metallised paved roads, with help from local authorities
Prompting the State Transport Authorities to provide bus services, a much needed link between villages
Introducing efficient agricultural practices, leading to improved yields
Initiating the opening of the first Bank of India branch
Expansion of the High School in Nere Village

We are grateful for the strides that we have made, but there is a lot that still needs to be done. We look forward to addressing the challenges that the villagers still face, with the help of our donors and well wishers.
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Cost of 2 cataract operations
›› Rs. 5,000

Medical treatment for 25 patients
›› Rs. 2,500

Grain distribution for 5 old persons
›› Rs. 2,500

Sponsor 1 Bore Well
›› Rs. 50,000

Sponsor 1 Solar Light
›› Rs. 1,000

1 Personal Toilet Block
›› Rs. 20,000
Success Stories
Sangita Patil, Shri Ganesh SHG President, Umroli

“There is a river that flows by our village, but since it dries up in summer we were not able to use it most of the time. We do have a well in the village, but it is not sufficient to fulfil our water requirement.

"In 2008 SKS Chakshu Foundation started women’s self help groups in our village, and soon we formed five groups. In one of the meetings we decided to come together and dig a bore well in the village for common use. Since the cost to do so was more than we could afford, the Foundation offered to help us out with the expense. Thanks to them, a bore well was dug in 2009 and our water problem was solved.”
Jijabai Bhagat, Resident of Usarli village

“We have a medical centre in our village that is run by the Chakshu Foundation. The Centre not only benefits the poor people of our village but also those from the neighbouring villages. There is a doctor who comes three times a week for check-ups.

"The cost of treatment is very less (Rs 10) and all – women, children and old people – are treated at this centre. We are grateful to the Foundation to have started this much needed facility in our village.”