SKS Chakshu Foundation believes that our strong involvement at the grassroots level and the evolution of our work through the years is better represented by our new name, empowHER India.

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Future Projects
Future Projects
SKS Chakshu Foundation’s programmes and initiatives since 1993 have led to significant economic upliftment in the rural areas around Panvel in Navi Mumbai. There is a growing sense of hope and dignity amongst the villagers and they are better prepared to face the challenges posed by the rapid economic and social changes. Firm in our resolve to sustain and expand our activities, particularly to empower the women and youth, we are constantly working at providing better facilities and opportunities to the villagers. The following are some of our plans in the offing.
Commencing primary classes I to IV in English medium at the Rakesh Jain Secondary School in Shivkar
At present, the school provides only secondary classes V to X. This extension will enable the children to get a complete education – primary, secondary and junior college.
• Including 15 more villages near Panvel in the Women’s Self Help Group project, reaching out to a total population of 2,00,000
At present, about 84 villages are successfully running the Womens Self Help scheme involving 2,500 women.