Kyber Digital is a marketing and business development firm focused on creating long-term strategies to help their industrial construction clients stand out from the competition.

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The Kyber Digital team needed an effective and reliable partner to help meet their clients’ PPC needs. They wanted to be able to put their full trust in an outsourced partner, so that they would have more time to focus on client brand strategy and to grow in other ways.


Kyber Digital partners with us to provide their clients targeted display advertising solutions


The Kyber Digital team has been extremely pleased with their clients’ results. One of Kyber Digital’s HVAC clients has received an extraordinarily low cost per click on their campaign and has so much new business that they had to hire more resources to support the influx. After seeing how LOCALiQ technology uses lookalike audiences and optimizes over time to deliver powerful results, Jay Miller, CEO of Kyber Digital, said “the proof was in the pudding.”

Strategic Partnership

In addition to LOCALiQ technology, much of Kyber Digital’s success can be attributed to their partnership with our experts. As a data scientist himself, Jay appreciates being able to strategize with our experts and discuss the best way to help his clients achieve their goals.

“Right away there was an expectation that the team focuses on strategy to make sure that campaigns run very smoothly,” Jay said. “When you talk to a lot of other outsourced solutions, they don’t really do that. It’s very basic.”

Kyber Digital also puts their trust in our experts to communicate transparently and actively monitor campaigns. This open communication has allowed Kyber Digital to establish a better feedback loop between their clients and their media buying team.

“Being able to be close to our rep is crucial for communication with us, especially as we grow and bring in sensitive accounts,” Jay said. “To know that the expertise is there to handle this kind of stuff, that’s really where the conversation lives because I would never hand over large accounts to an outsourced company unless I knew they can handle it. I know that they know their stuff and I feel a lot more comfortable handing it off to them versus going to some other white label agency.”

Ability to Scale

All in all, utilizing LOCALiQ solutions frees up the Kyber Digital team to focus on scaling their offerings and taking their business to new heights.

“Outsourcing in this way allows companies like mine to not have to manage more employees and have more training. And when it’s handled by a team I trust, it allows us to focus on other things,” Jay said. “It really allowed us to expand our efforts into other areas. Now I can outsource and grow faster, and I don’t have to worry about it.”

“The relationships with our reps have been invaluable. Being a data analyst myself, it’s such a relief to know that the reps working on our campaigns are constantly improving the campaigns because they’ve been trained the right way.”

Jay Miller
CEO, Kyber Digital
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