University of Nebraska at Kearny has 170 majors and 20 pre-professional programs—making it a dream school for any in-state or out-of-state student. In fact, UNK is known as one of Nebraska’s most affordable in-state universities and one of the only schools within the region that has a program in place to offer in-state prices to out-of-state students. Dating back to 1905, the university is rich in campus culture and prides itself on its experiential learning programs that get students career-ready.

  • 700

    Average leads per month

  • 19%

    Increase in out-of-state enrollments

  • 2x

    Higher Search Marketing ad CTR than industry average


Success for the UNK team means an increase in out-of-state enrollments as well as greater brand awareness.


UNK wants to stand out from the heated competition in higher education while appealing to a niche audience of college-aged students. Plus, the university needs to raise awareness among students (and their families) of UNK’s unique in-state and out-of-state scholarship programs.


LOCALiQ was able to help UNK reach its goals through a combination of:
Snapchat Advertising
Search Marketing
OTT Advertising
Targeted Display Advertising
Targeted Email Marketing


Since it started working with LOCALiQ, UNK has increased out-of-state enrollment by 19%. When it comes to brand awareness, the school averages 900,000 impressions each month across all channels, which opens an opportunity for more students to start considering UNK.

“We had a significant increase in our out-of-state enrollment. I give a lot of credit to our marketing efforts in the partnership with LOCALiQ for gaining more attention from that audience.”
–Kyle Means, Director of Marketing

Not only is UNK gaining more awareness through LOCALiQ, but it’s averaging nearly 13,000 clicks to the university’s website each month. Those clicks result in an average of about 700 leads per month. Plus, LOCALiQ’s Targeted Email Marketing campaigns send multiple emails per month to a list of over 50,000 recipients with ease.

Success with Client Center

Transparency in performance and optimization decisions within LOCALiQ’s Client Center made it simple for UNK to find success.

“The regular reporting allows me to have a say in the strategy. LOCALiQ makes recommendations and suggestions, making it a collaborative effort. I don’t feel 100% responsible for making the decisions, but I also don’t have to give up control. That’s what I like best about working with LOCALiQ.”
-Kyle Means, Director of Marketing

LOCALiQ seamlessly links to UNK’s Google Analytics—making it easy for the UNK team to directly attribute their efforts with LOCALiQ back to the university’s bottom line.

“I like working with LOCALiQ because the team takes the time to dive into the data to help answer questions I have about performance.”
-Kyle Means, Director of Marketing

"I appreciate how LOCALiQ brings new ideas and strategies for me to consider. It's constantly monitoring how our campaigns are doing and ready to adjust as needed. We stay with LOCALiQ because of the high-quality results."

Kyle Means
Director of Marketing
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