I’ve always loved when game shows have a “phone a friend” option. A contestant may be so close to winning but get stumped on a trivia question or riddle. They excitedly call out a pal or an audience member to help them out—after all, two heads work better than one!

phone a friend meme

We’ve all been there. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could phone a friend for all your business’s marketing challenges? With free, online marketing resources, you pretty much can! During the busy holiday season, treating a marketing resource as a friend to call upon when things go awry can make all the difference! We researched some of the top free holiday marketing resources out there to find out:

  • Why using online marketing resources is key to a small business’s holiday success.
  • How to drive holiday sales using free marketing resources.
  • Examples of marketing resources small businesses can use this season.

Fill your marketing toolbox with some holiday cheer using these marketing resources that are sure to be your business’s lifeline this season.


Why start using holiday marketing resources now?

While leveraging online marketing resources is a good idea any time of year, they can be vital to the success of a small business during the holidays since local customers are busy shopping and spending.

If you haven’t implemented your holiday marketing strategy just yet, don’t fret! 91% of people admit to making holiday purchases at the last minute, and 7% say they’ll even do holiday spending on the day of. There’s plenty of time to squeeze in last-minute revenue, and using online tools can help you do so in a pinch.


12 free marketing resources to try this holiday season

If you want to finish out the year strong and pack a punch with your holiday marketing, check out these marketing resources you can implement ASAP:

Canva’s holiday roundup

With holiday marketing comes holiday social media posts, branding, and other festive creative assets.

Canva is a design tool fit for anyone and everyone looking to promote their business this season. The builders of Canva kept ease of use in mind, as this marketing resource requires no design or creative experience in order for you to make holiday imagery for your small business. With Canva, you could preplan holiday social media layouts, holiday email templates, and more all in one simple spot.

Plus, Canva has two stellar resources found in their learning center specially made for the holiday season. The Christmas ideas and inspiration templates, as well as their Christmas greetings brainstorm, are two marketing resources that can do the heavy lifting for you when it comes time to give your business’s styling a festive twist.

marketing resources - canva holiday template example

Google’s holiday hub

Back in 2020, Google launched a holiday marketing resource site specially made for small businesses. Google’s holiday hub is back this year and it’s chock full of holiday marketing goodies small businesses can use at the ready.

If you’re looking to learn, there are plenty of live webinars and reading materials that discuss how to boost holiday sales.

Or, if you’re ready to take action, Google’s Holiday Hub also walks local businesses through setting up their Google Business Profile and getting holiday offers live on Google for free.

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marketin resouces-google holiday hub

LOCALiQ’s holiday marketing guide

If you want a “catch-all” resource and you enjoy making data-backed decisions, this holiday marketing guide is sure to do the trick. With updated stats on need-to-know info like consumer behavior and social media trends, LOCALiQ’s festive guide will be the gift that keeps on giving. Plus, this guide is stuffed with holiday tips to make your marketing merry and bright.

Unlike some of the other specialty guides on today’s list, this holiday marketing resource covers all the bases from social media marketing to e-commerce, local search, and more!


Later’s printable holiday calendar and guide

A constant quest of small business holiday marketing is finding the right tool for social media posting. Later is an online social media management tool that prides itself on being forever free—which is a unique perk in comparison to other similar platforms.

With Later’s holiday calendar, you can preplan and schedule your holiday social media posts to help you increase social engagement all season long. Originally starting with a focus on Instagram, Later currently offers help with additional social platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn, and Pinterest—making this holiday marketing resource all-encompassing.

Later’s seasonal guide not only helps you execute on posts but also assists with the creative aspect—which can too often be a struggle for businesses during the holidays. For example, Later provides hashtag suggestions and ideas for user-generated content to keep your posts as fresh as the crisp winter air!

holiday marketing resources - later social media calendar

Sprout Social’s holiday hashtag step-by-step guide

Similar to Later, Sprout Social’s holiday marketing resource provides help with hashtags as well. Hashtags can make or break your social media holiday season since they help newcomers to find your posts—growing your following for the new year.

However, holiday hashtags can be tricky, so Sprout Social’s holiday hashtag guide breaks down how to create and implement them in just a few steps. Here is a quick preview of their suggested holiday hashtag process:

  1. Choose relevant holiday hashtags
  2. Back your holiday hashtag up with data
  3. Identify your hashtag reporting methods
  4. Acknowledge your chosen holidays in advance
  5. Take a stand with your brand

The full marketing resource has plenty of in-depth information on the do’s and don’ts of holiday hashtags so that you create your holiday social media posts like a pro.

holiday marketing resources - sprout social holiday hashtags

Instagram shops holiday guide

If you’re a retailer looking for holiday help that’s platform-specific, Instagram rolled out a comprehensive guide on how businesses can use their shopping capabilities to get ahead this season.

This holiday shops walkthrough provides businesses with all the necessary holiday basics, like when and how to set up their shop. Plus, Instagram provides insights on how to get your shop discovered and even build your brand’s story through holiday marketing efforts.

holiday marketing resources - instagram shops

The holidays unwrapped by Meta for Business

Along with Instagram, Meta for Business (formerly known as Facebook Business Suite) recently dropped their highly anticipated annual holiday marketing guide.

Their breakdown of holiday insights provides valuable data points from surveys they conducted all over the world to give a high-level view on seasonal shopping behaviors.

For example, Facebook’s new findings prove that 74% of global holiday shoppers are really researching “gifts” for themselves. Small businesses can use information like this to adjust their holiday Facebook content accordingly.

The thorough holiday marketing resource comes complete with a short video series, downloadable campaign planners, and toolkits. Regardless of whether you’re running Facebook ads or working on your organic posts, Meta for Business’s latest holiday marketing resource is one you won’t want to miss.

holiday marketing resources - facebook holiday guide example

A holiday guide and infographic from TikTok: For Business

For the first time ever, TikTok: For Business released a holiday marketing guide for the 2021 season. This holiday marketing resource breaks down tons of helpful data points to understand how TikTok users are leveraging the platform to prepare for the season.

What’s even better is that, like LOCALiQ’s guide above, this content is curated with small businesses in mind. Business owners can take this information and use it to brainstorm holiday TikToks they may have otherwise not thought of. TikTok even goes the extra mile to provide suggested holiday timelines for small businesses to plan around.

A preview of TikTok’s holiday infographic.

holiday marketing resources - tiktok holiday guide example

Mailchimp’s holiday email marketing guide

Holiday email offers cause recipients to spend 138% more than they would otherwise. Based on that statistic, there’s no doubt your business could benefit from a holiday email marketing campaign.

Mailchimp provides you with just the right tool for the job with their complete guide on holiday email marketing tips. In this resource, the email management platform discusses holiday promotion strategies, as well as holiday email checklists, and how to keep up your holiday email momentum through the new year. Additionally, the guide provides ideas for custom holiday email templates you can recycle year after year.

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marketing resources - mailchimp holiday guide example

Moz’s local SEO holiday checklist

With so much going on, Moz’s holiday checklist can help small businesses ensure nothing slips through the cracks this holiday season. The downloadable checklist is a convenient helping hand since you’ll be able to save it for when you need it.

This marketing resource is packed with 20 tips to elevate local businesses during the holiday season and covers tough topics like seasonal promotions and customer loyalty. Plus, it links to other holiday marketing resources for additional information and continued learning.

holiday marketing resources - moz local seo holiday checklist cover example

LOCALiQ’s digital presence grader

Without a digital presence that’s in good standing, your holiday marketing efforts will fall behind. Just in time for the holiday season, take advantage of the LOCALiQ online presence grader that lets you know how your brand stacks up. This tool can provide valuable information regarding how easily your business can be found online.

The grader looks at core vitals that are at the heart of any small business’s holiday marketing strategy, like local PPC quality, social media presence, and website health.

Once you get your grade, you can open a forever-free account within the platform to get personalized strategy tips to improve your current score.

marketing resources - localiq grader holiday resource example

Holiday hub from HubSpot

To round off our holiday marketing resources list, Hubspot’s holiday hub cleverly packages all of its holiday resources and ebooks in one convenient place. The holiday hub includes templates, free holiday stock photos, e-commerce guides, holiday trend trackers, and more for foolproof festive marketing.

What makes this marketing resource stand out is its adaptability. Whether you’re a small e-commerce shop, a local service business, a family-owned retailer, a new startup, or anything business in between, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the holiday hub.

marketing resources - hubspot holiday guide example


Leverage these marketing resources for a holiday season that shines

Whether you’re already running with a holiday strategy, or looking to get started, these marketing resources can meet you wherever you are in your seasonal marketing journey. Treat your marketing resources like you would a marketing partner—they act as a reminder that you never have to face the busy holiday season alone.

To recap, here is a quick list of all the free holiday marketing resources we covered:

  1. Canva’s holiday roundup
  2. Google’s holiday hub
  3. LOCALiQ’s complete holiday marketing guide
  4. Later’s printable holiday calendar and guide
  5. Sprout Social’s holiday hashtag step by step guide
  6. Instagram’s shopping guide
  7. Meta for Business (AKA Facebook) holiday guide
  8. TikTok for Business: 2021 holiday guide
  9. Mailchimp’s holiday email marketing guide
  10. Moz’s local SEO holiday checklist
  11. LOCALiQ’s digital presence grader
  12. HubSpot’s holiday hub

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