For most people, December is a highly anticipated month. Between holidays, time off from work, family activities, and more, your customers have a ton going on!

That’s why your small business marketing should be sprinting its final stretch this December to get the most out of this year. Email marketing is the perfect December add-on to squeeze in last-minute ROI before time runs out. That is, of course, if you have a great set of subject lines to help your business take off! We’ll be helping you map out your December email marketing by answering the following:

  • What are some email subject line tips to keep in mind?
  • What email subject line ideas could your small business use this December?
  • What should you put as the subject line for your holiday emails?

Pour a cup of eggnog and get cozy with these December email subject line ideas that are sure to elevate your business.

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Email subject line tips to remember this December

December can be crucial to your email marketing efforts since it’s during a peak busy season on top of being the end of the year. In fact, studies have shown that emails sent during winter drive the most traffic to your website. To maximize your email ROI, here are a few email copywriting tips to keep in mind:

Add festive flair

This is the perfect time of year to get creative with your subject lines since most people will be eager to celebrate the holidays. Not only that, but 33% of recipients will open an email simply because it has a catchy subject line. Have fun with some holiday marketing slogans or rhyming taglines to make your email pop.

If you’re struggling to get creative, try leveraging emojis to catch even more attention. Contrary to popular belief, emojis are recommended because 56% of brands that use them in their email subject lines saw higher open rates.

email subject lines - december email subject line emoji example

Keep your subject lines short and sweet

The challenge with email subject lines is they can easily get cut off depending on your recipient’s inbox or device style. Avoid letting valuable information slip away due to large character counts by keeping your email subject lines concise.

Be sure to get to the point of the email, so that your recipients know why they need to open for more. To help stick to consistently short and efficient email subject lines, familiarize yourself with these maximum character counts below:

email subject lines - character length chart

Connect with your recipients

Isn’t it the best when you feel noticed and appreciated? Try to keep that in mind when you’re looking to engage with your target audience. Using a personalized marketing strategy through tactics like including your recipient’s first name in email subject lines has been proven to increase click-through rates.

If you’re struggling to finesse individual names into your email subject lines, leverage a marketing partner that will have the technology to do the personalization for you!

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December email subject lines

Whether you’re a local shop, a small startup, a popular healthcare office, a family-owned services business, or a budding business within any industry in between, we kept all verticals in mind when brainstorming these universal December email subject lines:

  1. 5 Reno Tips to Remember This December
  2. Tilly, Warm Up with Our Signature Drinks
  3. Warm Winter Recipes from Our Family to Yours
  4. Brrr… Chilly? We Can Help
  5. Appointments Filling Fast! Book Now
  6. Tilly, Your Coupon for All Our Winter Gear
  7. Miguel, Question for You…
  8. Traveling This Winter? Up to 35% Off
  9. Rob, Deep December Discounts for You
  10. Kari, Shop with Us All December Long!
  11. Cold? Call McCue’s HVAC Now
  12. What to Avoid This Winter
  13. December is Our Favorite Month! Know Why?
  14. We Wish You Well This Winter
  15. 8 Winter Wonders We’re Talking About
  16. Why Wait? Winter World at R&B’s Shop Starts Now
  17. Sample NEW Winter Flavors at Cali’s Bakery
  18. See You Soon? Exciting December Event
  19. Genevieve, You’re Invited!
  20. Plan Your December Projects the Right Way
  21. December Fender Bender? Call Red’s Auto
  22. Order Now Before It’s Too Late!
  23. December Discounts Up To 40% Off!
  24. December Freebies Inside!
  25. Warm Wishes from Us to You
  26. It’s Snowing Savings at Rudy’s Contracting
  27. R-YES-V-P To Our Winter Events
  28. Layering on Savings Like Sweaters!
  29. Don’t Let These Deals Freeze Over! Limited Stock

email subject lines - december email subject line ideas


Holiday email subject line ideas

December is such a holiday-packed month it can feel overwhelming. Know what holidays to incorporate when with our complete holiday email subject lines list:

Email subject lines for Christmas

It’s no secret that Christmas is one of the most prominent December holidays. Here are some ways to capitalize on this by using Christmas-themed emails as a part of your holiday marketing:

  1. Ring Under the Tree? Pre-Plan with Whim Events
  2. Wrap Up Results with Our Tips
  3. Shh… Santa Has a Secret!
  4. Merry Christmas! A Gift for You
  5. Real or Fake Tree? We Weigh In
  6. Leave Stacy’s Cookies Out For Santa
  7. Silent Night… Just How We Like!
  8. All We Want for Christmas Is…
  9. Sleigh Bells on Our Snowplows
  10. Christmas is Coming! Are You Ready?
  11. Christmas Dinner Tips & Tricks
  12. Merry Christmas, Trina! 25% Off
  13. Christmas Coupons to Celebrate
  14. Mino, Merry & Bright Deals For You
  15. Unwrap Christmas Savings Here
  16. Happy Holidays from [Your Business Name]
  17. Wishlist Ready? What to Add
  18. What We Have on Our Wishlist This Year
  19. Elves Work Hard, We Work Harder
  20. Happy Holiday Hot Deals
  21. Sleigh Your Christmas With These Ideas
  22. Deals So Hot Jack Frost Is Melting
  23. Very Merry Savings
  24. You’re Invited! Pru Insurance Virtual Holiday Party
  25. 12 Days of Christmas Savings Inside!

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december email subject lines - christmas email subject line example

Email subject lines for Kwanzaa

To build a strong brand reputation, you’ll want to be inclusive of all cultures and holidays. To start, here are some Kwanzaa-themed subject lines:

  1. Sharing Our Kwanzaa Traditions
  2. 7 Tips for the 7 Days of Kwanzaa
  3. 7 Different Discounts Each Day of Kwanzaa!
  4. Join Us for a Karamu Celebration
  5. Day 1: Finding Unity Within Our Community
  6. Celebrating Kwanzaa? We Can Help
  7. 7 Ways We’re Giving Back During Kwanzaa

email subject lines for december - kwanzaa email example

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Email subject lines for Hannukah

Hannukah is another major December holiday you can acknowledge along with Christmas and Kwanzaa:

  1. Shine Bright! Celebrating a Festival of Lights
  2. How We’re Celebrating Hanukkah This Year
  3. Our Favorite Hanukkah Traditions
  4. 8 Ways We’re Giving Back for Hanukkah
  5. Light Up Your Home with Our Hanukkah Specials
  6. How We Can Help You Celebrate Hanukkah
  7. 8 Coupons for Every Special Hanukkah Moment


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Email subject lines for the new year

Your customers are most likely going to be filled with excitement on New Year’s Eve. Get them excited about your business, too, with these email subject lines for the New Year:

  1. New Year, New You! Kendra’s Gym Now Taking Clients
  2. Damien, Are You Prepared for the New Year?
  3. Ready for 2022?
  4. TTYL 2021! Hello 2022
  5. New Year’s Bash at Ben’s Bowling & Brews
  6. Secret Sale Releasing at Midnight
  7. Cheers to the New Year!
  8. Cheers to You! Get a New Year’s Deal
  9. 3, 2, 1… Happy New Year!
  10. New Year = New Deals at Rutger’s Roof & Repair
  11. Deals to Pop Champagne Over
  12. New Year, New Gear at Sun & Ski
  13. Need a New Year’s Outfit? We’ve Got You Covered
  14. Plans for the New Year? Join Us!

email subject line ideas for december - new years email subject line example

Even more holiday email subject lines

Aside from the major holidays, there are plenty of other notable days you can mention to spice up your email marketing campaigns.

  1. Discounts so Nice They’re Naughty! (National Santa’s List Day, December 4)
  2. A Drink on Us! (Repeal Day, remembering the end of prohibition, December 5)
  3. Grim’s Grill & Bar Thanks Its Employees (Bartender Appreciation Day, December 6)
  4. Harley, Your Donation Counts! (Human Rights Day, December 10)
  5. Offers So Good They Should Win a Prize (Nobel Prize Day, December 10)
  6. Early Bird Deals on Holiday Florals at Tara’s Home & Garden (Poinsettia Day, December 12)
  7. Presley, a Sweet Treat For You! (National Maple Syrup Day, December 17)
  8. Bah Humbug! (Bah Humbug Day, December 21)
  9. These Offers Are Anything But Short! (Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, December 21
  10. For the Rest of Us! (Festivus, a Seinfeld reference, December 23)
  11. Filling Our Donation Boxes for Boxing Day (Boxing Day, December 26)

Here's an example of a holiday subject line your business can use that is non-holiday specific.

December newsletter subject line ideas

Closeout the year on a strong note with these email newsletter subject lines that will get the job done:

  1. Wrap Up Results with Our Tips
  2. What to Remember this December
  3. December Wrap Up
  4. That’s Wrap! Our December Recap
  5. What We’re Planning for in 2022
  6. Tips for 2022 You Won’t Want to Miss
  7. Our 2021 Roundup: Highlights from This Year
  8. Defrost Your 2022 Plan With our Guide

december email subject lines - email newsletter subject line ideas example

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Make this December one to remember with email marketing

The final month of the year could make or break your 2021 and 2022 marketing goals. However, with these email subject lines that pack a punch, December can be the gift that keeps on giving for your business! By adding some festive flair, a little bit of personalization, and an enticing offer, your emails are sure to get opened all month long.

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