Social media contests on Facebook or Instagram are easy ways to promote your business, expand your following, and get new customers. Deals and giveaways are always appealing to shoppers but are even more appealing during the holiday season when spending is heavy and giftable purchases are needed. Plus, who doesn’t love a good giveaway?

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So to help you capture this excitement and get in the giving spirit, we’re sharing examples of holiday-themed Instagram giveaways that will help you reach a range of marketing goals (while spreading cheer and getting engagement!).

But, first: Need a crash course in how to run Instagram giveaways? We’ve got you covered.


Examples of Instagram holiday giveaways

Use these examples of holiday giveaways to spread some cheer to your customers and community this season.

Charitable giveaway

This giveaway by OneHopeWine offers a Celebration Pack that provides meals for children in need. You can’t see them in this screenshot, but hashtags used include #giftsthatgiveback #12daysofchristmas #gifts #serve #celebrate #dogood #winenot #feedkids #providemeals #whyhunger.

One holiday giveaway idea is to hold a giveaway with a cause.

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Every tag as an entry

This giveaway is run by a husband and wife small business called Wayfaren. People enter by liking the post, sharing what type of tree they have in a comment, following a specified user, and tagging a friend. Whew, that’s a lot! However, each friend tagged counts as an entry. It is also clear this is a partner-up giveaway, as the user you are instructed to follow also has the same post on their account, with instructions to follow @wayfarenco.

If you're looking for a way to increase your followers and engagement on social media, you can use the every tag as an entry giveaway on Instagram.

Daily prompt bonus entry

This giveaway is 24 days as opposed to 12 to follow an Advent theme. Two influencers in the bookworm niche have teamed up to give away various book accessories and reader’s treats. To enter, you must follow both influencers, share the giveaway in a story, tag those influencers and tag three or more friends to join the community.

Instagram Holiday Giveaway Ideas

They also allow for a bonus entry if you follow the daily prompt. This contest offers high-quality prizes to bookworms and helps these influencers to gain followers, increase engagement, and grow their audience.

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Basic product promotion

Not all “12 Days of Christmas” campaigns have to be giveaways. This influencer in the fashion and lifestyle niche uses a 12 days theme to promote different products each day. Note that she uses the #12daysofchristmas and #christmas2017 holiday hashtags.

Instagram Holiday Giveaway Ideas

Follow, tag, and like giveaway

This small business does, in fact, give away something different for each of the 12 days of Christmas. In addition to following the user and tagging three friends, you must also like the photo to enter. The user closes with a friendly holiday wish and shows a hashtag best practice: placing the hashtags in the comment instead of the post.

This holiday Instagram giveaway idea promotes increasing your followers on Instagram.

Custom hashtag bonus entry

This holiday giveaway isn’t a “12 days of Christmas” giveaway like the other examples you’ve seen. It’s a basic Instagram giveaway with a holiday theme. This user in the beauty product niche uses the caption to express thanks to her audience and customers, then explains the contest prizes in detail.

Contest entry instructions are similar to those we’ve seen above, where a user has to follow two accounts, like the photo, tag three friends, and make a comment with something specific (in this case, your location). She offers a bonus entry for users who repost and include a custom hashtag.

Using a custom hashtag with your Instagram giveaway around the holidays can help boost awareness for your brand.

She also makes sure to include a delivery fee disclaimer and state adherence to Instagram’s terms of use.

Promote your giveaway

This isn’t exactly a specific holiday giveaway example, but it is a good example of promoting your social media contest before you start running it. Building the anticipation and excitement for a day or two beforehand can help enhance engagement.

Make sure to promote your holiday giveaway before you launch it.

Fitness challenge giveaway

This holiday giveaway is unique from the rest of the examples, as users don’t enter by liking, tagging, or engaging in any way with the post or account. Instead, the holiday/12 days theme is incorporated by offering an unlimited month at a discount, for anyone who works out at the gym for 12 consecutive days–a great fitness marketing strategy around the holidays.

This instagram holiday giveaway idea is a great fit for your fitness marketing.

Direct mail entry

For this giveaway, users enter by sending a greeting card to a physical location. The mailing address is obtained via an Instagram direct message and the winner is chosen and announced via live broadcast. Offline marketing methods still work!

Instagram Holiday Giveaway Ideas


Get giving with holiday Instagram giveaways that spread cheer

Be creative with your holiday giveaways. Think of how you can adapt one of these examples for a deal or offer that will fit your business’s needs and engage your audience to take your holiday marketing strategy to the next level.

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