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Investing in a marketing campaign without digging into data reporting and analytics is like shooting without a target. Repeat what always works, and evolve what doesn’t. 

Our local marketing experts give you tools to track your marketing activity, so you know what’s actually getting results. We give you context at every step of the journey, so the data and insights make perfect sense — no matter how much marketing experience you or your team bring to the table. Use our insights to create smart, simplified marketing campaigns.

  • Campaign Tracking Analytics

    Technology-enabled, human-led: get reports that dig deeper than clicks and impressions.

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    Campaign Tracking Analytics
  • Client Center

    Would you invest money in a stock twice without knowing if you made money the first time around? You should approach your marketing campaigns the same way.

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    Client Center
  • Tracking Technology

    Instant, real-time information about your leads and what marketing effort they came from.

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    Tracking Technology
  • Data Connect

    Share your LOCALiQ digital marketing campaign data with your existing system for big-picture reporting across ALL your marketing efforts.

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    Data Connect

What’s really happening across your online presence?

Our free Website Grader does more than just grade websites. It evaluates your overall digital presence and provides you with a custom report on your performance across three key areas:

  • Website performance
  • Social media presence
  • Digital advertising effectiveness


62% of small businesses don’t know if their marketing works.

2018 Annual Marketing Investment Survey, USA TODAY NETWORK, February, 2018

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