A single budget that optimizes ROI on multiple channels.

When decades of human experience meet cutting edge machine learning.

With our first to market intelligent technology, LOCALiQ XMO technology knows the trends, anticipates hurdles and optimizes your daily spend target for each campaign to deliver you real results that matter.

Social Media Marketing

As a certified Facebook Marketing Partner, our proprietary AI technology optimizes performance across multiple campaigns to achieve your business goals.​

Search Marketing

LOCALiQ is a unique, 3x time winner of the Google Quality Account Champion Award ​in North America, giving you an award winning solution to help grow your business.

Intelligently allocating a single advertising budget across multiple channels to optimize your ROI potential.

LOCALiQ creates a smarter more efficient way to purchase media with one comprehensive online advertising budget and strategy for Search and Social. By making it easier to allocate your budget, and keeping you from over-indexing on one channel over another, we simplify cross-platform media buying to drive real results for your business.

Your digital strategy is powered by intelligent algorithms that optimize your channels’ budgets in real-time.

Optimization doesn’t start in the middle of a campaign – it begins before you spend a single dollar. When setting budgets, some marketers are forced to pick numbers and hope for the best. By taking a data-driven approach with advanced machine learning and a wealth of industry experience, we start off on the right foot and never stop running.

Your goals drive the strategy, not the individual channels.

LOCALiQ’s intelligent technology will read the trends, anticipate the hurdles, and optimize the projected daily spend target for each of your Search and Social campaigns—so you don’t have to. Our advanced machine learning makes your specific marketing goals the primary data points when deciding which channels are the right places to spend your online ad budget to reach consumers at precisely the right time. Getting that right is at the center of our work.

At the crossroads of a powerful network and industry-leading partnerships.

LOCALiQ is part of the USA Today Network, and offers an award-winning platform and expertise for all your digital marketing. Plus, we’re partners with Google, Facebook, Bing and others to bring you the newest and the best.

When you need us, we’re here to help.

What makes LOCALiQ XMO technology different?
By using advanced machine learning and a wealth of industry experience to set your opening budgets, XMO technology can kick your campaigns off the right way so you can avoid the guessing game. With over a decade of campaign experience and historical data, our team knows how to set your campaign up for success.
How does it work really?
LOCALiQ XMO technology gives us the ability to diversify and calibrate your marketing spend across platforms like no other, giving you superior lead-based results. LOCALiQ’s award-winning reporting interface provides a clear and concise rationale for the major budgetary decisions, so you can feel confident in both the technology and human expertise behind the decision-making process.
How will XMO technology benefit my business?
A fluid budget lets customers find you where they already are. We let one channel’s performance inform another, creating more impactful lead-driving campaigns across the board.
Where can I see how my campaign is performing?
Data is great and algorithms are amazing, but when it comes to running your business, results are the only thing that matters. Track incoming leads via our Client Center and follow up to convert prospects before your competitors do.

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