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Invest your marketing dollars with confidence.

Clicks and impressions are great – but qualified leads are better.

With the right technology and the right guidance, LOCALiQ’s digital marketing services get you noticed across the web.

Get found and make a great impression with a top-notch website design, accurate local listings, search engine optimization, and a strong social media game.

Simplifying and streamlining your online presence starts here; take a peek inside our toolbox and see what you can use today.

  • Social Ads

    We focus on results and action so your business grows – a unique social media ad solution that goes beyond likes, and focuses on results and action.

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    Social Ads
  • Search Marketing

    More traffic, better results. Search engine marketing can substantially increase your visibility to customers quickly, and pinpoint those who are ready to buy.

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    Search Marketing
  • Targeted Display Advertising

    Stay top-of-mind everywhere on the web with consistent and powerful messaging, on trusted sites that your target consumer frequents.

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    Targeted Display Advertising
  • Story Telling & Branded Content

    Blend right into user experience with branded content. Position yourself as an expert and build consumer trust by associating your business with our credible publisher brands.

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    Story Telling & Branded Content
  • YouTube Ads & Video Advertising

    Your targeted consumers have moved to online video viewing. Embrace the trend and grow your local brand awareness.

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    YouTube Ads & Video Advertising
  • Performance Based Marketing

    Increase frequency and impressions while paying only for what works! Our approach allows advertisers to tap into our audience with more frequency at a reduced cost based only on actual lead revenue generated.

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    Performance Based Marketing
  • Premium Listings

    Show people the way to your business when they're searching – everywhere it counts.

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    Premium Listings
  • Targeted Email Marketing

    Keep the conversation going with your customers and prospects. Expertly designed emails – that actually get opened – start here.

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    Targeted Email Marketing
  • Print Advertising

    Print has a proven track record of driving awareness and interest. Get your message in ink, and get credibility from consumers across 600 communities in 260 daily brands in our network.

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    Print Advertising
  • Direct Mail

    Craft direct mail pieces to announce sales or include coupons, menus, event calendars, and more. Together with our printing partners, we can offer the lowest cost of producing their direct mail product.​

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    Direct Mail
  • Live Chat

    Live Chat has as significant impact on user experience. It has to be an intuitive solution and work on both your mobile and website if you want to engage your visitors.

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    Live Chat
  • Custom Lead Generation Promotions

    Focus on customer acquisition and driving measurable marketing and sales leads for your business.

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    Custom Lead Generation Promotions

What’s really happening across your online presence?

Our free Website Grader does more than just grade websites. It evaluates your overall digital presence and provides you with a custom report on your performance across three key areas:

  • Website performance
  • Social media presence
  • Digital advertising effectiveness


63% of business owners started their business because they’re passionate about what they do.

LOCALiQ Business Owner Survey, 2018

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