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DRive leads and awareness

Content that makes a lasting impression.

Turn casual viewers into customers.

Stand out in a crowded marketplace and engage readers with content that adds value to their lives.

Get high exposure from your stories with *targeted banner ads and social media marketing campaigns that lead to unique, topical, and relevant content such as articles, videos, quizzes, and infographics.

Reach audiences from coast-to-coast.

Tap into our USA TODAY NETWORK audience through 260 daily brands with 170MM unique visitors, so your message can reach anyone, anywhere, at any time. No matter the state, city or town — LOCALiQ can get your message where it needs to be.

70% of consumers prefer learning about products through content rather than traditional advertising., Stats About Sponsored Content, 2016

Mixing creativity with intention.

Quality and topicality is everything in the world of content marketing. Work with our award-winning team to build wow-factor branded messaging that people actually remember, and are inspired to share with their friends and family.

Savvy targeting, anywhere and everywhere.

Where there’s an audience, there’s a way to reach them. Our targeting and retargeting technologies ensure your content finds the right publications and prospects. We want to increase your chances of turning local readers into loyal customers.

Engagement-first approach.

All aboard the hot topic train! We have data and insights that reveal the subjects your customers care about right now. Draw them in with stories that resonate with what’s happening in the world, while subtly conveying your business’s message.

Reach for the top!

If you can dream it, we can do it! We help you achieve the impossible by sharing stories in highly engaging and futuristic ways — yes, even in virtual reality — so you can literally immerse consumers in your business’s story. This is the future of storytelling, and we’re writing the chapters.

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