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All your data and analytics in one place? Done.

Transform data insights into answers.

Keep track of all your data and analytics in one place – without it feeling like you’re herding cats.

You are spending hard-earned cash on your marketing efforts, so you should be able to see all your data and analytics in one place, allowing you to know how everything is performing towards your business goals. With LOCALiQ, it’s easy to connect your leads and campaign data into one place.

Get a bird’s-eye view of how your marketing’s doing… all together.

Our APIs (code that lets applications talk to each other) allow you to pull data and analytics from your digital marketing campaigns directly into your existing applications. That means you can get centralized reporting for ALL your marketing campaigns without disrupting your business or dealing with downloading and uploading data. (Yes, miracles do happen.)

Your LOCALiQ contacts and leads automatically join your CRM party.

Leads and contact details magically appear in your CRM or lead management system in real-time. Emails, calls, and chats generated from your LOCALiQ marketing campaigns or website will feed directly into your existing system once you get up and running, keeping everyone on your team in the loop from one source.

Don’t be intimidated by all the magic. We’ll help.

Our data connect experts make this process seem quick and easy. In fact, most IT teams and contractors can handle the maintenance, but if you don’t have IT resources then our team is always happy to help!

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