Branded Content

DRive leads and awareness

Inform, engage, and connect with your target audiences in a compelling way.

Stay top-of-mind throughout the auto buyer journey by sharing your unique story.

Build your content strategy with an automotive marketing partner that knows how to tell a compelling story for car dealerships.

Reach the right audience in unique and innovative ways like never before. We help you connect with your audience in a manner that’s meaningful and authentic. We find your target in-market auto shoppers and deliver useful content to them — and we can do that well thanks to our 170M+ monthly consumer audience across the USA TODAY NETWORK. Use branded content campaigns to educate and inform auto buyers, well before they make a purchase.

Stand out in a crowded marketplace, and tell your dealership’s story.

Leverage our history of storytelling expertise with impactful branded content in digital advertising campaigns. We do the heavy lifting and provide in-depth insights on the topics auto shoppers care about right now in order to drive high engagement and build trust with audiences. Know that your story is in good hands with our decades of experience creating and polishing professional content, as well as managing successful campaigns.

Businesses see 50% higher brand lift when branded content is distributed in partnership with a publisher.


Nielsen Insights

Get relevant and engaging auto content.

You know your dealership. We know storytelling. Storytelling for car dealerships is definitely in our wheelhouse. Our branded content campaigns include infographics, articles, entertaining quizzes, and more — all built with one thing in mind: getting internet browsers to interact with your brand in a positive and meaningful way. Earn trust and credibility with high-quality content developed by our skilled, award-winning in-house team specializing in branded content campaigns. We create content on engaging topics using a smart, data-driven approach that results in higher engagement than typical digital advertising.

Boost branded content with digital display and social ads.

Smart content marketing strategies don’t exist in a vault. We couple our branded content with digital display and social media campaigns with razor-sharp targeting. This drives additional exposure and reach for all of that world-class content you have. The result? Connecting and engaging not just any people — but the right people.

Power your content strategy with unique auto insights.

Every solid content marketing strategy is grounded in strong market and competitive insights. Find out more about our supercharged auto insights.

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