Campaign Reporting and Tracking

Technology & Insights

Client Center simplifies the reporting process

Be confident in your investment.

See high-level insights on cross-channel performance, all in one place.

Understand what’s bringing in the highest ROI with detailed analysis available at your fingertips. Simplified campaign tracking and reporting means more time to focus on growing your dealership. No more complicated spreadsheets!

Improve campaign performance.

Every time you run a search marketing, targeted display, or social ads campaign, our technology works hand-in-hand with capture code and tracking phone numbers. Our automotive marketing experts use this secret sauce info to get you more conversions from your campaigns.

Benefit from actionable insights.

Stay in-tune with your marketing results at all times. Our insights show which marketing channels are driving leads and where to focus your efforts. Plus, no question goes unanswered, thanks to your dedicated client success manager who’s also invested in your success.

Manage everything from one simple tool.

No learning curve necessary! Client Center is user-friendly, so you can jump right in. Start managing leads, automating follow-up emails, and tracking performance from day one with this easy-to-use reporting tool.

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