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Make Sense of Market Data.

Benefit from competitive analysis and auto customer insights.

We put data to work for your dealership to enable you to make smart decisions about your marketing initiatives

Our automotive marketing experts help you understand your data to uncover your best opportunities, connect with customers, and build a strategy to grow your dealership. The upside for you? More efficient and more effective automotive marketing campaigns.

Learn from competitive market-share analysis to uncover key goals.

We deliver auto intelligence and a deep competitive analysis that puts you in the driver’s seat. Your Dealer Scorecard report will provide a complete competitive and market analysis to identify where you should be winning but aren’t. Those insights fuel a marketing strategy custom designed for your dealership.

Identify opportunities where you can win.

Our Dealer Scorecard provides market and dealer performance, competitive market share, and opportunity analysis that help you spend your ad budget wisely. With ZIP-code level analysis, we provide advice on smart digital marketing solutions paired with targeted audience recommendations to reach the right in-market consumers.

Inspire local auto buyers to take action.

Get actionable insights on consumers across the country by leveraging our audience of 125M+ consumers visiting our news sites each month, plus learnings from millions of leads delivered in car dealership marketing campaigns across the country. We understand consumer engagement on digital platforms inside and out, and provide data-informed ad creative proven to drive better results.

Power your content strategy with data.

Build a content strategy fueled by auto insights and analytics. Mix this with our expert storytelling to connect your dealership with local auto consumers in a memorable, positive way through branded content and social media marketing initiatives.

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