Print Advertising

Drive leads and awareness

Leverage the marketing channel that builds trust with consumers.

Reach our premium audience with print advertising.

Print ads have a proven track record of driving awareness and interest for automotive dealers.

Get higher visibility and greater brand reach with an affluent audience across our network — especially those who are in-market for a new car. Gain instant credibility with our target audience when you advertise in your local, trusted newspaper.

Get more out of your digital efforts.

Did you know that consumers need to see a business’s name ten times before they even think about doing business with them? Get your name and offers in front of the right potential buyers — and do it frequently! Complement digital advertising with print to boost awareness of your dealership across every channel.

USA TODAY NETWORK print reaches 1.3M consumers who are planning to buy or lease a new car this year.

GfK MRI Spring 2017; Base = A18+

Make advertising decisions based on insights and intelligence.

Our simple print advertising plans are aligned to your goals and objectives. We offer affordable, high-frequency print advertising options, so you can choose what works best for you. And we’ve proven that this tactic works: our print ads approach is known to significantly improve ad recall and purchase intent. (USA TODAY NETWORK Study 2016–2018)

Understand where your leads come from.

Utilizing our proprietary technology, tracking URLs, and phone numbers, we can connect both print and digital marketing campaigns to leads. Our reporting and online lead dashboard helps you know what marketing works. Find out more about our custom tracking technology solution.

82% of U.S. internet users trust print ads the most when making a purchase decision.

October 2016 survey by Marketing Sherpa

Our audience trusts us.

The USA TODAY NETWORK consists of an audience of affluent and engaged consumers who trust our local brands. We have deep connections with our readership in more than 260 local communities, along with the national reach of USA TODAY. (USA TODAY NETWORK Study 2016)

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