Targeted Display Advertising

Build Your Presence

Get smart audience targeting and vast reach so you can capture the attention of your ideal auto buyer and drive results with targeted digital advertising.

Be present at every step of your customer’s journey.

Stay top-of-mind with targeted display advertising.

Stay top of mind with consumers, before they’re in-market, when they’re researching, and when they’re ready to buy. From video ads and branded content to geofencing and retargeting, our range of targeted display solutions have you covered for every campaign. We help you get digital ad results with our simplified, data-driven approach on both our trusted news sites and across the web with our ad network partners.

Intelligent Classifieds

Distribute and promote your used inventory to leading classified and social sites across the Intelligent Classifieds Network. With 250M+ monthly shoppers and over 20 minutes per user session researching inventory, you’ll be putting your vehicles in front of an audience that’s deep in the buying funnel. Experience analytics and attribution broken out by publisher and campaign, so you always know where your leads are coming from.

Reach a premium audience on a trusted platform.

Access a coveted audience of highly-engaged auto buyers on the premium environment of USA TODAY NETWORK. This includes over 260 local media brands, lifestyle sites, and — which reach 170M unique monthly visitors. Data-driven insights guide creative for higher ad engagement based on thousands of ad campaigns on our network.

Campaign optimization to help drive display ad performance.

We apply learnings from digital ad campaigns delivered across the United States for car dealerships like yours. Our client success team monitors your display ad campaigns and makes adjustments based on your business goals to keep things right on track. Plus, our seasoned designers create engaging ads for your dealership to generate interest and awareness based on what they know works.

We reach 4.5x more auto aftermarket shoppers than AutoZone, Popular Mechanics and Advanced Auto Parts combined.

2020 comScore Multi-Platform // GfK MRI Media + Fusion (Trended April-June 2020/F19)

Reach the perfect audience everywhere and anywhere.

Our consumer insights and sophisticated audience targeting work together to help you reach your ideal customers. Use our powerful ad network to launch targeted digital advertising across the web, and benefit from budget, performance, and optimization tracking along the way. We offer multiple targeting strategies to make your digital advertising investment more efficient, including audience targeting, remarketing, and cost per acquisition.

Stay top-of-mind throughout the auto buyer journey with retargeting.

Keep your dealership in front of in-market customers and bring them back to your site with eye-catching retargeted display ads. Remain one of the top contenders for a dealership visit! Retargeting keeps you top-of-mind with the right prospects as they narrow down their search for the perfect car.

Gain the mobile advantage with geofencing.

Reach the right in-market prospects with mobile geofencing ads where they physically spend time, and drive them to your dealership. Reach exactly who you want by targeting audiences in locations as small as a single building and its parking lot. Plus, you can even tie in-person visits back to your ads. All in one affordable targeted display advertising solution.

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