Targeted Email Marketing

Drive leads and awareness

Email marketing campaigns that connect you with the right buyers.

More emails to the right prospects means more traffic to your dealership.

Email marketing can help you increase dealership brand awareness, drive more website traffic, and promote timely incentives.

We design and build targeted email marketing campaigns to help you connect to the right auto shoppers. Our automotive email marketing campaigns are optimized for mobile and top email platforms, ensuring your message is heard loud and clear — and inspires action, too.

Reach thousands of local automotive shoppers.

With our smart audience targeting, you can communicate your latest offer in an effective and efficient manner to the right in-market buyers. We use high-quality data to help you reach new customers using sophisticated audience targeting based on demographics, geography, life events, and more.

44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email.

Promote exclusive sales events, special offers, and service clinics.

Tell your customers about invite-only sales events and special incentive offers. Drive service visits and capitalize on sales opportunities with emails that actually get opened. Email copywriters and designers know how to make your message stand out from the competition.

Co-op friendly email marketing creative to make your life easier.

Custom-developed email creative aligns with major original equipment manufacturer brands and ensures co-op compliance. Plus, we facilitate OEM brand co-op pre-approvals and provide compelling subject lines and strong calls-to-action.

Email campaign sales matchback to check your marketing ROI.

We evaluate the targeted email audience against your vehicle sales and CRM leads over a 30-day timeframe, so you can measure the influence of each email marketing campaign on the purchase decisions of your current customers. Hello, useful insights!

Visitor inSite

Introducing a new concept to engage with website visitors that don’t engage with you.

With our smart technology, we can segment out those visitors to your website who visit but don’t engage through email, chat, phone, or text. Once these website visitors are identified, you can reach out with our targeted email marketing campaigns. No potential lead goes unnoticed, so you can keep vehicle sales strong.

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