Growing up in the Boston area, Halloween was always a big deal. How could it not be when you’re only a short drive away from the Sanderson Sisters’ house?


One thing that always stood out to me, though, is how businesses capitalized on this. I remember a local grocer had a Halloween coloring contest that I entered every year. As I got older, while pumpkins and apples grew rampant, bars would set up costume crawls and local services offered deals all October long.

Even if the weather doesn’t get as chilly or the leaves don’t change all that much where your business is located, you can still add a dash of the spirit of Halloween to your digital marketing strategy. Today, we’ll prove how this spooky season can harvest your small business results by answering the following:

  • How do you promote your business on Halloween?
  • What should my business post on social media for Halloween?
  • What are some examples of Halloween social media posts and marketing ideas?

Let’s brew up some small business marketing magic.


Halloween social media posts

Social media marketing is the perfect starting point for when you want to keep your messaging festive and fun. Try out these Halloween social media post ideas this spooky season.

Run a Halloween throwback photo contest

Halloween costumes we wore as kids are often the goofiest. Bring your local community together by running a Halloween throwback photo contest on Instagram. Encourage your employees, friends, and customers to post their best childhood Halloween photos.

The winner could get a coupon or a freebie. As a bonus, create a unique hashtag for your business’s contest or have participants tag you in their posts for increased engagement.

halloween social media posts - small business throwback contest

Post about a scary good sale

There’s nothing more terrifyingly terrific than a good deal on a product or service! Startle your customers with scary low prices on a seasonal sale. You can promote the sale across your social media accounts to increase awareness.

halloween social media posts - halloween small business sale

Share Halloween recipe ideas

Not every Halloween social media post has to hit your budget. Share a family fall recipe to brighten up the Halloween season. This will add some variety to your social media marketing strategy to keep your followers on their toes. If you don’t have a recipe to share, highlight a superstar customer or employee that might have one instead.

halloween social media post ideas - halloween recipe share

Make a Halloween video and post it on your social sites

54% of consumers said they want to see more video content on social platforms this year. With that data, it’s no spooky secret that video content performs well on social media platforms.

Try creating a Halloween-themed video for your small business. For example, you could film you and your employees doing the “monster mash.” Halloween-themed videos on social media can easily be filmed on a phone as a low-cost marketing option.

halloween social media ideas - small business halloween video example

 Host a Halloween costume contest

A costume contest is always a great go-to (or should we say, ghost-to) for Halloween social media. This is because you can take pictures from an in-person event or run it virtually. If you don’t have a super active following, get your employees or friends and family involved to show off the fun.

You can hype up your contest with a costume post each day. That way, your followers will be in suspense to find out the winners. You could even live-stream the costume winner announcement to boost engagement.

halloween costume contest - halloween social media posts

Create Halloween hashtags

We mentioned creating specific hashtags for your Halloween social media contests earlier. However, you don’t need any special reason to use a clever hashtag. Hashtags can help your business by increasing post impressions across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

So you might want to take a stab at a custom Halloween hashtag that would align with your brand. It can be as simple as giving a spooky twist to your brand name or a popular service.

halloween social media post ideas - custom halloween small business hashtag

Decorate your store or office, and post it

Halloween happenings don’t have to just stay in the digital world. Apply some spooky spunk to your office or store location to wow customers both in-person and online. Posting a picture of your fresh Halloween decorations will entice your followers to pay your business a visit.

halloween social media posts - small business office halloween example

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Do a “guess how many” giveaway

The best part of Halloween? The candy. To give your social media giveaways or contests a flair, Halloween is the perfect time to run a “guess how many” contest. With a “guess how many” contest you can fill up a jar or clear container with your favorite Halloween candy.

Entice your followers to guess in the comments by offering a gift card to the closest guess. The extra comments will be sure to bring your business to the top of the Instagram feed in the future. Plus, this simple, low-cost, and creative social media marketing idea will be sure to bring in a sweet deal for both you and your customers.

You can run a guess-how-many contest for your halloween promotion to get people to engage with you on social or come to your location.

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Share Halloween tips and tricks

Even if your business isn’t directly impacted by holidays like Halloween, there are still ways to incorporate it into your social media marketing.

Try sharing your family’s tips and tricks for decorating or pumpkin carving. Or, give your regularly scheduled social media programming some flair by adding a Halloween theme.

For example, if you usually share a tip of the week on how to manage finances, simply spruce up the wording with some Halloween creativity.

halloween social media posts - halloween small business tips example


Halloween marketing ideas

Social media isn’t the only place your business can find some tricks or treats. We have even more Halloween marketing ideas fit for guys, ghouls, and business owners alike:

Host a Halloween party

This one might seem like a given, but you’d be surprised how effective events can be for your small business. In fact, 97% of event marketing experts have found that events have a major impact on achieving business goals.

Halloween is the perfect time to capitalize on this since there are so many holiday-themed activities you can get your customers to participate in. Whether you decide to host your Halloween party in-person or virtually, this marketing tactic is sure to harvest you more customers.

halloween social media posts - halloween costume contest for small business

Run a trick-or-treating program

Encourage your customers to bring in the whole family for some trick-or-treating at your business location. You can take things a step further by passing along some treats to your adult customers as well.

halloween marketing ideas - small business trick or treating event example

Give away Halloween treats with special purchases

Stock up on some low-cost Halloween candy to pass out to customers who purchase high-value items all month long. If you don’t have the ability to give hand-outs, a referral program with purchases can be just as effective. Provide buyers with an incentive by giving them a Halloween-themed referral coupon.

halloween marketing ideas - halloween product special

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Run Halloween-themed ads

Switching up your ad copy should already be a part of your small business PPC routine. However, during the month of October, you can push out some refreshing ad copy to relate to the season.

Try to add descriptive Halloween terms to give the text in your search ads a twist. Or switch up the colors on your display ad to incorporate orange and black.

This will catch viewers’ attention because your ads will stand out against competitors by avoiding the status quo. Plus, you’ll be adding some festive flair to an otherwise bland, ad saturated page.

halloween marketing ideas - halloween display ad

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Create a Halloween special product or service

Creating a Halloween-themed product or service offering doesn’t always need to equate to something entirely new. You could try simply rebranding a popular item to fit the Halloween spirit. This could be changing product colors to orange, black, purple, or green. Or give your current services fun Halloween names. This will come off as something fresh to your customers that they can only get during this spooky season.


halloween marketing ideas - halloween special small business products

Creep into your community events

Whether it be a fall craft fair, a Halloween party at your local town hall, or any other community Halloween event, get your business on the map by showing up and showing out.

This is a great way to increase awareness for your business—especially when you’ll get to meet local prospective customers who otherwise may not have known about you.

halloween marketing ideas - trunk or treat


If you can’t afford to purchase a table or be a sponsoring vendor, volunteering to get your company name out there is just as effective.

Get customers pumped up with pumpkin carving

If costume contests aren’t your thing, give pumpkin carving a go. This is a great Halloween marketing tactic that will also spruce up your decorations with beautifully- carved pumpkins after the contest.

You can get all members of your community involved. Or this could be the perfect opportunity to partner with a local grocer or farmer to provide you the pumpkins. You can even discuss the experience in a blog post for an extra content boost.

halloween marketing ideas - pumpkin carving contest example

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Halloween marketing slogans

We’ve compiled some Halloween marketing slogans to jumpstart your seasonal strategy:

Halloween marketing slogans for sales

  • If the broom fits, buy it!
  • Spooky sales that’ll make you jump
  • Sales are creeping up
  • Boo! Don’t let these discounts scare you
  • Our prices are ghosting us! New Halloween sales
  • Halloween only comes once a year, so do these sales

Halloween marketing slogans for services

  • Halloween hangout: Come work with us!
  • We’re at your spooky service
  • Don’t be a Halloweenie! Work with us
  • Don’t be a scaredy-cat! Let us help you
  • Our service is all treats, no tricks!

Halloween marketing slogans for any business

  • Gone haunting, be back in November
  • Eat, drink, and be scary
  • Sending you our best witches
  • Happy haunting!
  • [Your company name] witches you a happy Halloween


Boo! Get Halloween marketing results that will make you jump

Have no fear when it comes to your Halloween marketing this season by trying out these tricks for a sweet boost in revenue. After all, Halloween only comes once a year! Make the best of it by thinking about how your business can attract new, local customers with scary good offers. Between all these Halloween social media posts and Halloween marketing ideas, your customer lists are about to grow as tall as Frankenstein!

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